Banana Magnolia Pudding

• 1 packet Kenton Banana Magnolia
• Pudding
• 500 ml milk of your own choice
• 80 g Kenton Couverture Bitter Chocolate
• 7-8 medium size strawberries

✔️ Pour the whole content of Kenton Banana Magnolia Pudding into a pan.
✔️ Boil it on low heat while stirring.
✔️ Once boiled add Kenton Couverture Bitter Chocolate and stir for another 2-3 minutes.
✔️ Once it's in room temperature cool it in the fridge for 2 hours.
✔️ Add the cream mixture onto the puddings and whisk 2-3 minutes.
✔️ Pour a thin layer pudding into bowls.
✔️ Sprinkle the biscuit crumbs that is in the package onto the puddings, spreading it on top evenly.
✔️ Place sliced strawberries around the pudding. Then pour more of the pudding and add more biscuit crumbs on top.
✔️ Decorate with sliced strawberries as desired.
✔️ Cool in the fridge before serving.