Kenton Vanilla Pudding

• 1 packet Kenton Vanilla Pudding
• 500ml milk

For the filling:
• 1 packet Kenton Fruit Sauce
• 2 cups cold water

For the topping:
• Kenton Red Heart Shaped Cake Decor
• Kenton Pink Heart Shaped Cake Decor

✔️ In a saucepan, combine Kenton Vanilla Pudding Mixture and milk.
✔️ Stir until smooth and creamy.
✔️ Once thick and well blended take it off heat.
✔️ Stir occasionally in order to prevent crusts forming.
✔️ In a large bowl, beat Kenton Fruit Sauce Mixture and 2 tbsp water.
✔️ Stir until smooth and creamy
✔️ Boil the remaining water separately and add the fruit sauce slowly while whisking speedily.
✔️ Pour in bowls, first vanilla pudding, then fruit sauce, lastly more vanilla pudding.
✔️ Once cooled, sprinkle on top some Kenton Red Heart Shaped Cake Decor and Kenton Pink heart Shaped Cake Decor before serving.