Pudding Ice Cream

For the pudding:
• 1 packet Kenton Family Size Pudding
• 600ml milk

For the whipped cream:
• 1 packet Kenton Cocoa Whipped Cream
• 200ml cold milk

For the topping:
• 200g melted Kenton Couverture Chocolate

✔️ In a saucepan, pour Kenton Family Size Cocoa Pudding and milk.
✔️ Boil on low heat until dense, whilst stirring. ✔️ Once thick and well blended take it off heat.
✔️ Transfer the pudding in a bowl and cover the top with a stretch film. Leave it at room temperature to cool.
✔️ In a bowl, mix Kenton Cocoa Whipped Cream and milk. Whisk for 3-4 minutes
✔️ Stir the cold pudding and add to whipped cream. Whisk together.
✔️ Split the dessert into moulds. Leave in the freezer until frozen.
✔️ Dip the frozen ice cream into melted Kenton Bitter Couverture Chocolate and serve immediately.
✔️ Alternatively, you can keep in the freezer to serve later.

Key points:
1. In order to maintain density of the whipped cream, make sure the pudding is cold.
2. If pudding forms crusts, whisk it.
3. In order to pour the dessert into the moulds easily, we reccomend using Kenton Whipped Cream Plastic Bag
4. In order to remove the ice cream from moulds, you can keep the moulds in hot water for a few minutes
5. As ice cream is cold the chocolate will become hard. Therefore we reccomend you complete this step speedily.