Would you like some wet cake?

▪ 3 eggs
▪ 1.5 cups of sugar
▪ 1.5 cups of milk
▪ A glass of oil
▪ A packet Kenton cocoa (25g)
▪ A packet Kenton baking powder
▪ A packet Kenton vanilla
▪ 2 cups of flour (sifted)

▪ A glass of milk ( for the sauce)

For the above:
▪ Walnut

✔️ Beat eggs, sugar then add oil and milk. Whisked them well.
✔️ Add cocoa powder and vanilla , whisk again.
✔️ Separate some of the mixture into a glass to be used later.
✔️ Add flour, baking powder and whisk.
✔️ Pour the mixture into oiled tray. Place in oven at a 170 degrees for 35 minutes. While waiting for the cake to be baked , pour the mixture you separated earlier into a pan and add a glass of milk. Mix until boils. Once the cake is out of oven, wait for 5 minutes, then pour this mixture over the cake. Wait about an hour for the cake to absorb the sauce well before serving.
✔️ You can Coarsely chopped walnuts are sprinkle on it.