Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake Prepared Without Baking


1 package Kenton Cocoa (25 g)

1 glass of milk

1.5 tablespoons of butter

Half a glass of granulated sugar

1 packet of Vanillin with Kenton Sugar

2 packs cocoa biscuits (350 g)

For the filling

1 sachet of Kenton Strawberry Whipped Cream

2/3 cups (150 ml or a little more than half a glass) cold milk

2 cups of grated coconut

For the top

80 g melted Kenton Couverture White Chocolate

2 tablespoons crushed Peyman pistachios


Add milk, granulated sugar and Kenton Cocoa to the sauce pan and mix. After the sugar melts, add butter and mix.

Remove from heat before it boils. Pour it on the biscuits you have made into flour and mix.

Add Kenton Strawberry Whipped Cream and cold milk to a separate bowl and whisk.

Add the grated coconut and mix. Pour the biscuit mix on where you laid stretch film and spread it.

Spread stretch film on it again and open it to be rectangular with a roller. Put the whipped cream on it and spread it.

Roll it up with the help of the stretch film at the bottom. Wrap it with cling film again and leave it in the deep freezer until it solidifies.

Before serving, pour melted Kenton Couverture White Chocolate over it and sprinkle with Pistachios.

Slice and serve to the service.