Cocoa Pudding With Coffee

1 pack Kenton Vanilla Magnolia Pudding
1 pack Kenton Caramelized Pistachio
9-10 pieces of sponge finger
1 cup of coffee (prepared with granular coffee)
1.5 teaspoon powder sugar
1 cup water
Put the milk in the pot. Kenton Vanilla Manolya Pudding from the box add pudding. Cook until stirring. Put the pudding in the bowl. Cover and cool with stretch film. Mix the juice, powdered sugar and coffee into the bowl and stir. Coarse index of dipping cat languages into coffee. Pudding from the chilled pudding pour the cream powder out of the box. Beat 3-4 min with mixer. Add Kenton Caramelized Pistachio and mix on it. Pudding prepared on the tongue of the cat poured. Sprinkle the biscuit powder out of the box. Press lightly with the spatula. Rest the dessert in the fridge for 5-6 hours. Slicing and serving.
The legally required contents of this product, which may cause allergic reactions or intolerance, are listed below.
Wheat flour
Wheat starch
Oily milk powder
Wheat flour